• Moisturizing your hair
- as published on the All4Women website
ALL4WOMEN website
- 12 April 2016

A good moisturising hair mask is an essential when winter's dry air starts taking its toll on your hair. Fortunately, local celebrity hairstylist Gary Rom recently launched his own line of products and one of his bestsellers is the Hydro Boost Hydrating Treatment for Dry Hair (R450, garyromhaircare.co.za). A vitamin enriched blend of mega-moisturising ingredients - it'll replenish stressed tresses in just five to ten minutes.

  • Why you are using shampoo wrong
- As featured in the February issue of Women's Health Magazine
Women's Health Magazine
- 26 February 2016

- Gary explains...

Firstly, you’re using shampoo wrong! Think it’s just your conditioner that is packed with
all the good-for-hair ingredients? Sure, we’ve always been encouraged to leave conditioner
on longer than shampoo, but that doesn’t mean that shampoo is the lesser of the duo.

“There are more active ingredients in shampoos but not necessarily more than conditioners,”
says Gary CEO of Gary Rom Hairdressing. He explains that it’s important to shampoo your
hair twice when washing it. “The second time, leave the shampoo on for at least three minutes
for the active ingredients to work,” he says.

That all being said, conditioner is still a must because it seals off the hair cuticles after
shampoo has opened it to cleanse it.

Want to invest in even smarter shampoo? Rom recommends Gary Rom Haircare
Cortex Repair Shampoo (R315, available from www.garyromhaircare.co.za) that helps repair
damaged hair thanks to a cocktail of vitamins and soybean oil.


  • A message from a satisfied Client
- 26 January 2016

For the past eight months I have struggled with a very angry scalp. It started with an over-tan while out fishing
on the sea in July 2015 and then got progressively worse as the months went by. It felt as if my teenage acne
had returned and was now hiding under my receding hairline. I tried a wide range of medicated or pharmaceutical treatments,
most of which had an odour of the chemical industry or had the texture of old chip oil. I paid a visit to
my house doctor and even visited a dermatologist who rummaged round in my hair with his fingers and told me
that it would go away eventually. I told him I would die eventually and wanted a solution not a platitude. For my
sins he gave me an account for R800.00. A few weeks ago, my beloved friend Mia MacDonald who is a client of
your salon in Centurion visited me for lunch and besides a 1.5l of good wine she brought me a bottle of the
Gary Rom Haircare - Derma Assist. Desperate for a solution to my increasingly irritating problem I
started using your product on Monday. It is Saturday today and it is quite obvious that my very angry
scalp has now calmed down to the extent that the problem is all but gone.

Congratulations on a brilliant product – IT WORKS.

Best regards

Robert Needham


  • What is Rolene Strauss's favorite hair style?
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15 December 2015


My signature and favourite hairstyle is my ‘pin curl look’. I have received so many
requests for sharing my secrets so here they are:

1. After washing, apply Hydro Defense before drying hair.

2. After drying hair, divide hair into manageable sections, tease roots of hair and
spray a little hairspray before curling each section with a curling wand.

3. The direction of curling is extremely important depending on the look
(all to the one side or waves away from the face on both sides)

4. Curl and pin the curls in position while they are still hot.


6. Next morning; Take pins out and comb through.

PS: Don't worry if you can't perfect it the first time! It becomes easier, I promise


  • What to use on your hair this Summer?
- by CALVIN ROM (artistic director _ Gary Rom Hairdressing)
- 30 November 2015

When red wine is spilt on a white table cloth, the first thing you grab is salt and
pour it on the stain to absorb the colourants. Chlorine/salt water pools and salt
from the ocean do the same to your colour treated hair.

Summer Kiss from our Gary Rom Haircare range puts a film around your hair,
locking in the colour and protects your hair from the UV rays and other environmental
damage. Protect your colour this December with the Summer Kiss range.

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