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  • From the Lips of Gary Rom Lip & Hand Care:

    Everyone knows the essential charm of a good lip balm – that’s why we have crafted the perfect combination of care and glamour for your benefit. But what’s so special about the Gary Rom Lip & Hand Care Lip Therapy? Well, to start off: our Lip Therapy product contains a UV filter. Although there is a general misconception that UV protection is only required in direct sunlight, harmful UV rays seep through clouds and mist. This only increases the importance of an UV filtered lip balm to protect your lips and keep them smiling with ease and comfort.

    Another benefit of our Gary Rom Lip & Hand Care Lip Therapy is the moisturisation it provides your lips. Whether chapped or sun-kissed, soft or fresh, all lips can benefit from the support of a moisturising lip balm. Not only does regular application of this softening lip balm bring healing, it also pre-empts any potential cracked lips – making sure there’s no gap for pain. Whether young or old, everybody can benefit from this product as it softens and renews. Simply scoop a drop onto your finger and gently apply to your lips – the balm will do the rest of the work. Apart from refreshing this Gary Rom Lip Therapy also leaves you glowing and gorgeous – ready for any surprise ranging from a sudden selfie to an abrupt interview. With a natural finishing touch this product is perfect for casual events including work place environments, school grounds, and friendly socials: helping you to look the best version of you that you know you can be. For teenagers or mature, younger children this product can also help prevent the forming of harmful habits such as licking lips. Whatever your age, Gary Rom Lip Therapy caters for you. We worry about your lips so that you don’t have to, leaving you to smile ever brighter.

    The Handy part of Gary Rom Lip & Hand Care:

    This luxurious hand cream not only softens but also rejuvenates your skin. Key ingredients include Hydrolysed Collagen and Q10 that helps with the softening – encouraging healthier, happier, hands and helping them stay younger and thus retain their glow and sensitivity. Another ingredient is Jojoba seed oil. This ingredient fights against dryness – replacing it with rehydrated satin soft skin. It is recommended to apply Gary Rom Lip & Hand Care’s hand cream generously; not only does this enhance the qualities of the product but it also aids in enjoying the product fully helping you relax and appreciate your immediate surroundings. Gary Rom Hand Care can also be used to relieve stress as the motion of rubbing your hands over each other (caused by rubbing in the cream) has been said to calm and relax the participant.

    Apart from helping your hands look gorgeous, Gary Rom Hand Care also strengthens your cuticles, aiding your nails in growing ever stronger and longer.

    Now that you’re sure to be looking your very best – why not help your home to look as good as you with our Gary Rom Home Care range?