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  • The Why and How of Gary Rom Shampoos:

    Gary Rom Shampoos ensure quality you can trust. Whether you need a soft, natural cleanser for your dry and frizzled hair or a moisturizing, vitamin enriched enhancer, this product has your back. When you purchase one of these shampoos you can be sure that your hair will reward you. Those lucious locks from your T.V. screen can be yours! With the help of our range of products you too, can wave goodbye to mediocre hair care and embrace your new glamorous get-up. By simply applying a moderate amount to your palm, and massaging it into your head (rinsing before and after) – you can relieve stress and leave the bathroom feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

    Sulphate-free Gary Rom Shampoos: 

    One of the most fascinating facets of these specific Gary Rom shampoos are their sulphate-free feature. Most of our products have this advantage to boast. Why is this so great? Because the lack of sulphate contributes to a retinue of positive changes. This gentler approach boasts the effect of shinier hair having retained more oils, less split-ends and damage, and minimal irritation to the scalp. For bonus points it is even environmentally friendly! As a result, these gentler yet equally effective shampoos are not only good for you, but good for the planet too. Finally, they are user-friendly with elements that will not irritate your eyes ensuring a enjoyable hair-washing experience – free of tears.

    We realize that each individual has their own problems and privileges to boast with their unique head of hair. Due to this fact we have crafted a set of specific Gary Rom shampoos designed to meet your needs. In this way we give the control back to you – because no one knows your hair better than you do… Here is a short guide to a few of our products:

    Cool Silver:

    Specifically designed to aid blonde and silver heads, toning and preventing “brassiness”. Comes in a fun purple colour! Please be aware that this product is to be used in addition to shampoo, not alone.

    True Colour:

    Sulphate free and intent on protecting any and all colour in your hair – prolongs and protects.


    Perfect for styling and and protecting colour.

    Pure Balance:

    Soothes and rehydrates

    Mint Clean:

    Designed to refresh men’s scalps

    Hydro boost:

    For a dry and irritated scalp.

    Once you have found the shampoo for you, browse our conditioners to finish off your dazzling hair-do with style.