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    Maybe it is that special day and you want to look dazzling. Or perhaps you just want to embrace the beach atmosphere. Whatever the occasion is, ghd hair curlers are the answer to your every hair styling need – from loose waves to voluminous swirls.

    These award winning wands allow you to create professional curls without hassle or the risk of hurting your hair. ghd Hair curlers are designed with a unique tri-zone® technology, as well as ceramic coated tongs which help to deliver heat at a fast pace, making styling easier, smoother and better than ever before – all at the luxury of your own home. Beautiful locks for any hair length could not be simpler.

    ghd Curlers Care about Your Hair

    What is more important than keeping your hair healthy and happy? Safety is extremely important within ghd hair curlers in all regards. The curlers’  ceramic technology, along with six heat sensors, ensure that the temperature is kept at a constant 185˚C – the perfect temperature for your stunning curls to take shape and a temperature which does not damage your valuable hair. This new technology also means that your all natural looking locks will endure long days of fun. ghd Hair curlers keep your curls shining with healthy happiness.

    ghd Curlers are Simple to Use

    ghd Hair curlers have tips at the end that keep cool to protect your fingers and make styling easier; as well as a built-in safety stand for when you are not utilising your tong. If you forget to put your ghd hair curler off – no problem. The programmed sleep mode will switch off your tong automatically after 30 minutes of inactivity.

    The fact that ghd curlers use a universal voltage means that you can have the advantage of professional curls anywhere, worldwide.