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    Looking for an all-purpose hair styling tool that allows you to create that perfect salon look at home? Search no further, because the ghd hair irons series is the answer. These professional irons use ceramic technology that makes styling smoother than ever before whilst also keeping the irons at that ideal temperature – a temperature that is perfect for styling and safe for your hair.

    The great thing about  ghd hair irons is that you can use it for any length of hair and any hair type. You can use them anywhere, whether it be in a salon, as a styling tool at a wedding or even at home. With their universal voltage, you can use them all around the world. The variety in the range of ghd hair irons also gives you the option to acquire the iron that will suit your specific need.

    ghd Hair Irons – the Multipurpose Tools

    The last thing you want is to have the same hairstyle every single day, the same hairstyle to every single wedding, the same hairstyle to every single party. What you really want is to have a gorgeous, unique look at all times. So why then, would you buy one of the ghd hair irons? If you think that the ghd hair irons are only capable of creating a sleek stylish look, think again.

    The ghd hair irons are multipurpose styling tools that can help you to create a wide range of fabulous looks – the perfect style for the occasion. Here are just a few examples of some of the various curls you can create.

    The first is loose curls. The way you can achieve this style is by placing your hair in one of the ghd hair irons and then only twisting the straightener once going down. This will result in an elegant hairstyle to fit any evening gathering. You can try a variation of this hairstyle by twisting your hair before clasping it, which will cause the curls to be more defined.

    Tight curls are another style that is absolutely gorgeous. As you move down your hair with the ghd hair iron, you need to keep turning the handle – the more you turn the tighter your curls will be.

    To create beachy waves, flip the ghd hair iron back and forth as you go down. The style you will achieve is perfect for, well, the beach – that wavey look that shouts a summer holiday .

    Another less formal hairstyle is tight crimpled waves. To make this style with your ghd hair iron, you first have to braid your hair in medium sized, tight braids and then pass the iron over them. Let it cool down and unravel the beautiful style within.

    As you can see, there is a lot more to the ghd hair irons than might appear at first glance and this list is far from exhaustive. There are many other hairstyles such as the pompom ponytail, 20s faux bob and the perfect ponytail as well as many others.

    ghd Hair Irons are Safe to Use

    The worst thing that can happen is that your hair breaks start to look dry and your ends split. With all the research done about heat hurting your hair, you might be uncertain about using hair irons. However, with ghd hair irons you have nothing to fear. They use heat sensors to ensure the heat is kept to nothing over 180˚C. With this special technology and a little bit of help from you, you can create stunning styles with ghd hair irons while keeping your hair glimmering with healthy happiness.

    So, what role do you play? The first thing that is important when ironing with one of your ghd hair irons is to make sure that you only do small sections at a time. The thing is, if you go over and over a single strand, the outside hair could bet damaged before the heat reaches the inside hair.

    Also, you need to use the right products such as our Direct Control Hairspray . Using the wrong hairspray will often make your hair stick and the excess dampness might cause your hair to be cooked. Rather use something specifically made to protect your hair when ironing your hair with one of the ghd hair irons.