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    The hair styling tool we use most often is, of course, the hairbrush. Because we use it every day, this is all the more reason that you need the best that there is – ghd hairbrushes. Hairbrushes can often look so ordinary and work ordinarily and create ordinary hairstyles. However, our range of ghd hairbrushes is anything but ordinary.

    ghd Hairbrushes Define Quality

    Designed to be used both professionally as well as individually, the ghd hairbrushes are the best quality. They make detangling smooth and styling easier than ever before. Their non-slip handles ensures a sturdy grip providing a trouble free combing routine. Of course this would be enough reason to acquire one of the ghd hairbrushes but these brushes are also designed to be elegant. And it feels so much better to use a beautiful product than something ordinary, doesn’t it? After all, if you use something every single day, experience is important.

    Wide Range of ghd Hairbrushes

    With the wide range of ghd hairbrushes available, you can pick the brushes that will suit your needs best – whether that is curling, detangling or creating a sleek look.

    Which ghd hairbrushes are the best for what purposes?

    Oval Dressing Brush – this brush is perfect for everyday use. This specific ghd hairbrush promotes hair growth and adds just that extra sparkle to your hair by spreading your hair’s natural oils to every strand.

    Paddle Brush – it is the best brush to use if you want to style your hair with no static fuss. It is works great for anything from blow-drying your hair in a straight style to creating perfect ponytails

    Ceramic Vented Radial Brushes – the purpose of these ghd hairbrushes is styling rather than detangling. The smallest of the series (radius of 25mm) is ideal for forming your fringe. This can be done either by twisting your hair with the barrel of the brush while blow-drying for a rounded look or by pulling your hair straight while blow-drying for a chic look.

    The 35mm barrel ghd brush works excellent for shaping your bob. You can turn it out or curl it in – whatever you prefer.

    For creating curls you need one of the 45mm ghd brushes. By twisting your hair around the barrel of the brush whilst blow-drying, you can have beautiful curls in the matter of minutes.

    The 55mm brush is used to create volume in your hair. To do this you need start all the way at the roots and make sure that the hairdryer blows onto the brush as you work through the sections of your hair.