Cool Silver Shampoo


The Silver Lining of our Cool Silver Shampoo

Our Cool Silver Shampoo is specially formulated to tone blonde or gray hair. Blonde hair tends to become yellow and gray hair looses its shine easily.  Many people refer to Silver Shampoo as Purple shampoo.  The reason for this is because the shampoo is purple.  The purple in the shampoo will prevent the brassiness that many clients complain about.

The cool silver shampoo should be used as an additional product to your regular shampoo. Use your regular shampoo for the first wash and then make use of the Cool Silver Shampoo for the second wash.

Hair Type: Fine, Medium, Coarse Texture.

Hair Colour: Gray/Blonde


250 ml

  • Wheat germ oil: gives nutrition, and restores elasticity and suppleness
  • Vitamin E: anti-oxidant (helps prevent colour fade);
  • Vitamin B group: gives strength and nutrition, and helps avoid moisture loss
  • Jojoba Seed Oil: nourishes the hair and rehydrates hair and scalp
  • Violet: anti-yellow
  • Fragrance: Bergamot (Orange Blossom) and Cedar Wood

To achieve maximum results with our product we added a few key ingredients. These are: Wheat Germ Oil, Jojoba Seed Oil and Violet. Wheatgerm oil provides nutrition and restores elasticity and suppleness to gray and blonde hair. Gray hair tends to be very dry and stubborn and the Wheat Germ oil will restore elasticity and suppleness to hair. For blonde hair types, especially if your hair has been highlighted you will find that the Vitamin E anti-oxidant in our product will prevent colour fade. The vitamin B group will provide strength and nutrition. It will also prevent moisture loss. Jojoba seed oil is well known in the cosmetic industry for its benefits on both hair and skin. It will nourish your hair and will also rehydrate the hair and the scalp. The Violet that is added is an anti-yellow agent.

The purple violet in the shampoo will neutralise the yellowness in blonde hair. It will literally cool down and tone down the yellow/brassy colour. Blond hair will be less yellow and it will have a brighter colour. The silver glitter in the shampoo will cause your hair to sparkle in the sun. Our Cool Silver shampoo will put the glitter and shine back into your hair with the added benefit of nourishment and softening of hair.

When you use the Cool Silver Shampoo on gray or blonde hair you will find that your hair is:

  • Softer
  • More manageable

Always shampoo your hair twice. The first application is to cleanse, by applying a small amount of any of our other shampoos in the Gary Rom Hair Care range, then massage gently and rinse. For the second application use Cool Silver Shampoo. Spread evenly and lather, rinse your hands immediately. It can be left on for 1 to 5 minutes, depending on the toning your hair requires.

Cool Silver Shampoo may cause an allergic reaction. It is advised to perform a sensitivity test before use. Apply a small drop op Cool Silver Shampoo behind the ear 48 hours prior your first application. If redness or itching occurs, DO NOT use. Do not apply Cool Silver Shampoo to eyebrows or eyelashes. If the product comes into contact with your eyes rinse immediately using cold water.

What Causes Silver Hair Not to Shine?

As we age we gradually become gray. Gray hair follicles produce less natural lubricating oils. For this reason, the structure of the gray hair is coarse, brittle and dry. Another point worth mentioning is that gray hair does not contain any colour pigments. Sunlight, hair treated with heat and chemical processes will also have an effect of the shine quality of hair.

Why is Blonde hair dull and yellow?

Blonde hair has less colour pigments than brown or black hair. When hair is washed with regular

shampoo’s the shampoo tends to strip the pigments off the hair. Blonde hair has fewer colour pigments if these pigments are removed the hair turns yellow.

How often do I use the Cool Silver Shampoo?

Cool Silver Shampoo is an add on product. In other words, you may use your regular shampoo e.g. Cortex Repair or Blonde Brilliance Shampoo for the first wash. After the first cleansing wash, use the Cool Silver Shampoo to finish off the shampoo phase of your hair treatment. You may use the Cool Silver Shampoo after every regular wash.