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Cool Silver Shampoo


SIZE: 250ml

A violet shampoo that that neutralizes warmth and enhances grey hair.

– Neutralizes warmth in blonde hair and enhances grey hair

Jojoba seed oil
– Nourishes the hair and
– Rehydrates the hair and scalp
– Anti-yellow

May cause allergic reactions. Advisable to perform a sensitivity test before use. Apply a small drop of cool silver shampoo behind the ear 48 hours prior to application. If redness or itchiness occurs, do not use. Do not apply to eyebrows or eyelashes. In case of contact with eyes rinse immediately



Apply to damp hair, spread evenly and lather, rinse hands immediately. Can be left on for 1 to 5 minutes, depending on the toning required. Emulsify and Rinse.

What Causes Silver Hair Not to Shine?

As we age we gradually become gray. Gray hair follicles produce less natural lubricating oils. For this reason, the structure of the gray hair is coarse, brittle and dry. Another point worth mentioning is that gray hair does not contain any colour pigments. Sunlight, hair treated with heat and chemical processes will also have an effect of the shine quality of hair.

Why is Blonde hair dull and yellow?

Blonde hair has less colour pigments than brown or black hair. When hair is washed with regular

shampoo’s the shampoo tends to strip the pigments off the hair. Blonde hair has fewer colour pigments if these pigments are removed the hair turns yellow.

How often do I use the Cool Silver Shampoo?

Cool Silver Shampoo is an add on product. In other words, you may use your regular shampoo e.g. Cortex Repair or Blonde Brilliance Shampoo for the first wash. After the first cleansing wash, use the Cool Silver Shampoo to finish off the shampoo phase of your hair treatment. You may use the Cool Silver Shampoo after every regular wash.

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