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Cortex Repair Conditioner


The Core of Cortex Repair Conditioner

The Cortex Repair Conditioner is formulated for hair that is subjected to chemical processes. The Cortex Repair Conditioner forms part of the Cortex Repair Range. The main aim of this range is to build strong and healthy hair. To achieve this the range contains the same active ingredients. Ingredients are formulated in a richer combination to continue and support the nutritional process that took place during the shampoo.

The Cortex Repair Conditioner should be used after the hair has been washed with the Cortex Repair Shampoo.




Chemicals and intercellular cement.

Chemically treated hair loses intercellular cement. Intercellular cement is the bulk of what the hair is made up of. The intercellular cement depletes when you shampoo your hair or when you subject your hair to various chemical processes. Our product specialists added collagen to the Cortex Repair Conditioner. Collagen will ensure that your hair will feel thicker. This “thickness” will be more apparent towards the middle lengths and ends of hair.

What are Chemical processes?

Amongst these processes are – highlights, permed hair, Brazilian blow wave. The Cortex Repair Conditioner is also ideal if you regularly make use of blow wave, straighteners and curl tongs.

Can any hair type make use of the Cortex Repair Conditioner?

The Cortex Repair Conditioner is ideal for fine or medium textured hair. If you have coarse hair make sure to use the Cortex Repair Treatment after every shampoo. For fine or medium textured hair, it is essential to use the Cortex Repair Conditioner after every shampoo. The light texture of the Cortex Repair Conditioner will not create extra weight to hair. The active ingredients will penetrate the cortex of the hair and the repair and nourishment process can take place on a deeper level.

How will the Cortex Repair Conditioner repair my hair?

As mentioned the Cortex Repair Conditioner is used after you have washed your hair with the Cortex Repair Shampoo. The Cortex Repair Treatment Shampoo opens the hair’s cuticle.   The Cortex Repair Conditioner seals the hair cuticle. The specialized nutrients will be locked up in the hair, the nourishment and repair process of the cortex will take place on a deeper level. Sealing of the hair cuticle is an important attribute of conditioner.  Pollutants would not be able to penetrate the hair. Nutrients will repair the cortex during this important process.


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