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Cortex Repair Masque (Essential Balance)


The Cortex Repair Mask is a specialized product that works deeply and intensely on the cortex. The Cortex Repair Mask holds the same active ingredients as the Cortex Repair Shampoo and Cortex Repair conditioner. The Cortex Repair Mask forms part of the Cortex Repair product range. Amongst these products are the; Cortex Repair Shampoo and The Cortex Repair Conditioner. All the products in the range contain luxurious ingredients that were specially selected for the treatment and restoration of chemically damaged hair.

The main aim of the Cortex Repair Mask is to deeply penetrate the Cortex of hair. This is the layer of hair that gets damaged when hair has been exposed to various chemical processes. Amongst these processes are: highlights, permed hair, Brazilian blow wave. The Cortex Repair Mask is also perfect if you frequently make use of blow wave, straighteners and curl tongs.


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200 ml

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