Cortex Repair Shampoo


De-stress your hair with Cortex-Repair Shampoo

The Cortex-Repair Shampoo has been formulated to work on the thickest hair layer of your hair. This layer is known as the Cortex and it is located between the hair cuticle and the medulla. The cortex also contains most of the hair’s pigment, giving the hair its colour. Chemically treated hair is often dull, brittle and dry. It often breaks off due to damage that was caused on the cortex. The product is formulated to effectively address the problem of hair breakage. The Cortex-Repair Range was specially developed for those customers that regularly subject their hair to various forms of chemical treatments or heat treatments.


200 ml

The Cortex Repair Shampoo contains many active ingredients, but one of the most advantageous ingredients is hydrolyzed collagen.

  • Hydrolysed Collagen and Q10: a protein that helps to strengthen the hair. It also plumps the hair to give it a fuller and healthier look.
  • Silk Amino Acid: Silk is the strongest man made fabric. Silk amino acid is removed off the outer edge of the silk thread. This gives strength and repair.
  • MEA 18: MEA18 targets the last layer of cuticle, just before the cortex. It strengthens, repairs and protects the last layer of cuticle. This is a crucial ingredient for hair that has been chemically treated. The MEA18 is very specific to the Cortex-Repair range. The MEA18 also softens, nourishes the hair. It provides a delicate balance of strength and protein making hair softer and more manageable.

We have taken great care to restore your hair to its original gloss. For this reason we added 6 luxurious oils to our shampoo. These are:

  • Avocado oil: well known for its softening nourishing properties.
  • Jojoba seed oil: will add additional nourishment and softening to your hair.
  • Wheatgerm oil: restores elasticity as stressed hair often lacks elasticity.
  • Argan oil: also known as liquid gold; it will make your hair softer, silkier and will add shine to your hair. It will also aid in hair growth and prevent hair from breaking.
  • Olive oil: has softening and nourishing properties.
  • Green grapeseed oil: will provide nourishment and shine. A further benefit is that it would also soften your hair. Compromised hair does not want to shine. Grapeseed oil will restore the natural shine in hair.
  • Panthenol: old ingredient – very effective. The ingredient is very effective and powerful. This product is mostly renowned for boosting hair’s body percentage, it will also moisture and thicken your hair.
  • Lanolin extract: a waxy oil that is produced by sheep. Adds softness and moisturizes deeply to rehydrate your hair and scalp.
  • Fragrance: Suede (Rose, Fresh Green)

Regular use of cortex shampoo will ensure that the body of your hair will be restored and intercellular cement will be repaired. Hair will feel thicker and your hair will have more volume and gloss. Your hair will feel soft, rehydrated and well nourished. Hair will no longer break due to the damage that was caused on the cortex. The hair shaft will be opened, paving the way for the next treatment.

Use the Cortex-Repair shampoo every time you wish to cleanse your hair. This gentle treatment shampoo will not strip your hair, it will cleanse whilst it is treating your hair. To obtain the maximum benefits of our Cortex-Repair Shampoo you need to shampoo your hair twice. The first wash with the Cortex-Repair Shampoo will cleanse the hair removing impurities, smog, perspiration and dust.

You will notice that there are not many bubbles during this first wash. This is because the cleansing agents in the shampoo are working to removing the dirt and pollutants from your hair. After the first wash, you must re-apply the shampoo make sure to leave it on for approximately three minutes. During this waiting, period the shampoo the specific key additives will have time to work wonders. This process will also form the foundation for the next product. The second wash is rather important as this is the treatment phase of the shampoo. During this phase the hair shaft is opened, preparing the hair for the next phase in our treatment.

What is Chemical and heat Treatments?

Amongst chemical treatments we can mention Brazilian Blow Wave, Perm, Colour treatment and highlights as well as relaxing of hair. Some heat treatments worth mentioning are – blow wave, straighteners and curl tongs. If your hair needs more, this is the product for you. Chemical – and heat treatments causes hair to be stressed.

What causes my hair to be stressed?

Chemical processes can cause hair to be stressed. We often find that highlighted hair appears thick at the roots. This thickness gradually thins out towards the end. Due to damage on the cortex the hair loses body and breaks off. This is known as a chemical cut. During chemical treatments, washing and heat treatment hair loses what is inside. The substance that is lost is known as intercellular cement. The bulk of the hair is made up of intercellular cement, when you shampoo your hair or when you subject your hair to various chemical processes, you lose intercellular cement. The collagen contained in the shampoo artificially replaces the intercellular cement. Your hair will feel thicker and more substantial towards the middle lengths and ends of hair.