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Cortex Repair Shampoo


De-stress your hair with Cortex-Repair Shampoo

The Cortex-Repair Shampoo has been formulated to work on the thickest hair layer of your hair. This layer is known as the Cortex and it is located between the hair cuticle and the medulla. The cortex also contains most of the hair’s pigment, giving the hair its colour. Chemically treated hair is often dull, brittle and dry. It often breaks off due to damage that was caused on the cortex. The product is formulated to effectively address the problem of hair breakage. The Cortex-Repair Range was specially developed for those customers that regularly subject their hair to various forms of chemical treatments or heat treatments.


What is Chemical and heat Treatments?

Amongst chemical treatments we can mention Brazilian Blow Wave, Perm, Colour treatment and highlights as well as relaxing of hair. Some heat treatments worth mentioning are – blow wave, straighteners and curl tongs. If your hair needs more, this is the product for you. Chemical – and heat treatments causes hair to be stressed.

What causes my hair to be stressed?

Chemical processes can cause hair to be stressed. We often find that highlighted hair appears thick at the roots. This thickness gradually thins out towards the end. Due to damage on the cortex the hair loses body and breaks off. This is known as a chemical cut. During chemical treatments, washing and heat treatment hair loses what is inside. The substance that is lost is known as intercellular cement. The bulk of the hair is made up of intercellular cement, when you shampoo your hair or when you subject your hair to various chemical processes, you lose intercellular cement. The collagen contained in the shampoo artificially replaces the intercellular cement. Your hair will feel thicker and more substantial towards the middle lengths and ends of hair.

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