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Derma Assist Homecare


Soothing and calming  treatment programme for relief from irritation and sensitivity.

– A soothing, calming and rehydrating treatment
– Immediate relief from sensitivity and irritation

10 Oils:
– Soften
– anti-bacterial
– anti-fungal
– anti-inflammatory
5 Extracts of Ocean Origin:
– to rehydrate and moisturise the scalp



Apply to shampooed and towel dried hair, on the scalp section by section. Leave on 10 minutes, emulsify and rinse. Can apply relevant conditioner or masque to ends at the same time.

What is the purpose of Derma Assist Treatment?

Derma Assist is a treatment that was formulated for customers with scalp problems. Amongst these conditions are – dry scalp, flaky scalp, irritated scalp. Derma Assist Treatment is a soothing and hydrating treatment. Ingredients were carefully selected to successfully treat dryness and address the inflammation associated with scalp conditions. You will experience immediate relief from sensitivity and irritation.

Additional information


6 x 15 ml tubes

Hair Types

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