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Hydro Boost Conditioner


The Hydro-Boost Conditioner is used after you have washed your hair with the Hydro-Boost Shampoo.  The Hydro-Boost Treatment Shampoo will open the hair’s cuticle. Making use of the Hydro-Boost Conditioner would seal the cuticle back up. The specialized nutrients would be locked up in the hair, nutrients will be locked in and pollutants would not be able to penetrate the hair. The Hydro-Boost Conditioner is ideal for use on fine to medium textured hair.



What hair type do you have?

Follow the following steps to determine if you have fine, medium or thick hair. Sit in front of a mirror – lift one hair, make sure you lift one hair only. If you can see your hair, the hair is coarse. If the hair is fine you would not be able to see the hair. When we speak about the texture of hair, we speak about the diameter of one hair, not the quantity of hair. Fine hair lies flat on the scalp. It does not have a lot of body. Coarse hair is thicker in diameter and it would have more volume, you can also see that your hair is standing up on the scalp. Many people with thick hair would say that their hair fee ls like a horse’s hair. The vitamin enriched Hydro-Boost treatment conditioner is a lighter version of the mask. The texture of the Hydro-Boost Conditioner is light.

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200 ml

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