Hydro Boost Shampoo


Hydro Boost Shampoo is specially formulated to effectively treat various degrees of dryness of hair and scalp. The Hydro-Boost Shampoo is a treatment shampoo with a cleansing base The primary aim of shampoos is to cleanse hair. The Hydro-Boost treatment shampoo not only cleanses your hair but effectivelyacts as a treatment shampoo. The Hydro-Boost shampoo is part of a family of products, that aims to achieve the same result with your hair. This family of Hydro-Boost products contains the same core ingredients. The core ingredients have been specially selected to treat various degrees of dryness of hair and scalp.


250 ml

The vitamin enriched Hydro-Boost Shampoo opens the hairs cuticle. Once the hair’s cuticle is open our core ingredients will repair, nourish and re-hydrate your hair. To effectively enhance the softening and moisturizing properties of the Shampoo special care has been taken to add ingredients like; wheat germ oil and Jojoba seed oil. Wheat germ oil restores the elasticity of hair. Many people find that their hair lacks elasticity. Loss of elasticity is a direct result of dryness. Jojoba seed oil – softens, nourishes and moisturizes the hair without adding any weight to the hair.

  • Wheat germ oil: gives nutrition, and restores elasticity and suppleness. Many people find that their hair lacks elasticity, which results in dryness.
  • Jojoba Seed Oil: softens, nourishes and moisturizes the hair without adding any weight to the hair.
  • Vitamin E: anti-oxidant (helps prevent colour fade)
  • Vitamin B Group: gives strength, nutrition and helps avoid moisture loss
  • Hydrolysed Keratin: a lightweight conditioning. A lightweight conditioning will ensure that the hair will be conditioned without being weighed down. Keratin is an extremely tough protein. This fibrous protein occurs in hair, feathers, wool and nails. Keratin is rich in cysteine (a sulfur-containing amino acid). The cysteine gives Keratin an unique strength and protective quality. Keratin is derived from sheep wool. The Hydrolyzed Keratin is added to our shampoo to rehydrate the scalp.
  • Fragrance: Bergamot (Orange Blossom)

These core ingredients will address the problem of dry brittle hair and a dry itchy scalp. The Hydro-Boost Shampoo will effectively re-hydrate your scalp and dry hair. The special combination and formula of the active ingredients the Hydro-Boost Shampoo will also soften and moisturize your hair. A further benefit of the Hydro-Boost shampoo is that it would strengthen your dry hair. The Hydro-Boost Shampoo is an important factor in foundation of health of hair. It would restore your dry, brittle hair. The Hydro-Boost shampoo can be used on fine, medium or coarse hair.

To obtain the maximum benefits of our Hydro-Boost Shampoo you need to shampoo your hair twice. The first wash would cleanse the hair. This wash removes impurities, pollution, sweat and dust. It also removes the build-up on the hair. After the first wash the hair should be gently rinsed.

Re-apply the shampoo for the second wash. During this process the second shampoo should be left on the hair for two to three minutes. During this period the key additives (wheatgerm oil, jojoba seed oil, keratin) would have time to work on the hair. This process forms the foundation for the next product. During the shampooing process the hair shaft is opened. You will also notice that during the second wash the shampoo would foam more. During the second wash the treatment process of the shampoo takes place. The hair shaft will swell out and it would be prepared to receive the next essential layer in our range.