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Hydro Boost Treatment


Treat your hair and senses by making use of our Hydro-Boost Treatment. The Hydro-Boost treatment is a luxury product and is specifically designed to enhance your hair conditioning efforts. It will supercharge your hair and it will work deeper and more intensely on the hair. The Hydro Boost Mask contains the same lubricating and nourishing active ingredients as the Hydro-Boost Shampoo and Hydro-Boost conditioner, and acts as an effective conditioner for thick hair.

The Hydro-Boost Treatment is ideal for those that have dry, brittle or coloured hair

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When do I use the Hydro-Boost Treatment?

The Hydro-Boost Treatment can also be used as an extra treatment by customers that have fine or medium textured hair. The Hydro-Boost Treatment should be applied to towel-dried hair that was treated with the Hydro-Boost conditioner.

Effective conditioner for dry, thick, coarse hair

The Hydro-Boost Treatment also acts as an effective conditioner for thick hair. For best results, you should apply the Treatment after every wash. Make sure that you apply the mask liberally to the medium and lower ends of the hair. Always apply the treatment onto towel-dried hair. The Hydro-Boost Treatment has a thick and luxurious texture. The lovely refreshing smell of the Bergamot Orange Blossom Scent will relax and refresh you.

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