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Pure Balance Shampoo


Pure Balance Shampoo is a uniquely formulated, medicated shampoo that will look after dehydrated, irritated and sensitive scalps. Your scalp, just like your skin, needs regular rehydration and the soothing and hydrating qualities of the Pure Balance Shampoo is the perfect solution. It is suitable for all hair types and focus mainly on treating a problematic scalp.



What conditioner should I apply after washing with Pure Balance Shampoo?

Pure Balance Shampoo can be used with any conditioner or masque prescribed by your stylist, depending on your hair’s unique requirements. For added and maximum, fast results, use Pure Balance together with our Derma Assist home hair care treatment programme.

How often should I wash with Pure Balance Shampoo?

This medicated shampoo is gentle enough for daily use. During seasonal changes, your stylist might recommend that you use Pure Balance in conjunction with your regular shampoo from our Gary Rom Hair Care range.

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250 ml

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