True Colour Conditioner


A nourishing conditioner that helps to protect, prolong and treat coloured hair.


200 ml

  • Red palm oil: a very powerful anti-oxidant that assists with nourishing and moisturising your hair
  • Beetroot extract: anti-oxidant that helps prevent colour fade
  • Baobab oil:contains four oils; vitamin A, D, E and F. Vitamin A will help fight free radicals and promotes healthy sebum on the scalp.Vitamin D is for strength. Vitamin E is an anti-oxidant that helps prevent colour fade; and Vitamin F (another name for Omegas) will retain moisture, soften hair and add shine.
  • Candillia wax: gives extra shine and helps prevent tangling.
  • Fragrance: a combination of fresh fruit (blue berry and guava) and white flowers (peony, lilly of the valley)

True colour conditioner will nourish, soften and cleanse colour treated hair, without stripping the colour off your hair. Your colour will not fade and your hair will be shiny, manageable and gently fragranced.

Pre-shampoo and towel dry your hair hair. Apply and massage True Colour Conditioner into your towel dried hair and leave on for 2-3 minutes. Rinse your hair thoroughly to ensure that no conditioner is left. If the product comes into contact with your eyes, rinse immediately with cold water.

What effect does regular colouring of hair have on hair and how does True Colour address this issue?

Hair color can make hair more spongy. Spongy hair can act like a sponge, it will retain more moisture. At the same time hair can also be subjected to rapid moisture loss. This could result in dry, brittle hair. Hair also loses bits of colour every time it gets wet. To ensure that hair maintains its condition it is vital to rehydrate the hair, assisting the hair to retain as much moisture as possible. To nourish hair and moisturize at the same time we added Red Palm Oil and Vitamin F. Both of these are powerful anti-oxidants that would also help hair to retain the hair colour. Beetroot Extract and Vitamin E will also prevent colour fade of chemically treated hair. Hair that loses moisture can become brittle and this can result in breakage. To strengthen hair we added Vitamin D to the True Colour Conditioner.