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True Colour Shampoo


True Colour Shampoo is a sulphate free shampoo that was developed for coloured hair. Sulphates are cleaning bases. Sulphate base in regular shampoo is harsh on coloured hair. It will strip the colour off your hair and you will notice that your hair colour will fade quicker. The result will be that colour on your hair will not last long.

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What is added to shampoo as a cleansing base?

To address the problem of sulphates we add Stephan Mild as a cleansing base. Stephan Mild is a sulphate free cleansing base. It is mild and gentle and will not strip the base colour of your hair. Stephen Mild will still foam when you wash your hair. It is important to mention that hair should be shampooed twice. The first shampoo will cleanse the hair and it will remove impurities, this will result in less foam. The second wash will foam more. Stephen Mild is a very gentle cleansing base and it will not cause the colour of your hair to fade.

What is the difference between True Colour Shampoo and regular shampoos for coloured hair?

Regular colour treated shampoos have one anti-oxidant namely Vita E. True Colour Shampoo contains four anti-oxidants to prevent colour fade. These anti-oxidants are; beetroot extract, baobab oil, Vitamin E and red palm oil.

What effect does regular colouring of hair have on hair and how does True Colour address this issue?

Hair colour can make hair more spongy. Spongy hair can act like a sponge, it will retain more moisture. At the same time, hair can also be subjected to rapid moisture loss. This could result in dry, brittle hair. Hair also loses bits of colour every time it gets wet. To ensure that hair maintains its condition it is vital to rehydrate the hair, assisting the hair to retain as much moisture as possible. To nourish hair and moisturize at the same time we added Red Palm Oil and Vitamin F. Both of these are powerful anti-oxidants that would also help hair to retain the hair colour. Beetroot Extract and Vitamin E will also prevent colour fade of chemically treated hair. Hair that loses moisture can become brittle and this can result in breakage. To strengthen hair we added Vitamin D to the True Colour Shampoo.

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